A Simple Way to Reconnect with Your Teenager (Who Is Driving You Bonkers)

Your body tenses as you approach your teenage son to discuss his plummeting English grade. “So what’s going on with your English class?” You ask.

“I don’t want to talk about it. It’s my grade and my life,” he retorts.

Tension has been running high. Sometimes as high as the international space station. Frowns and scowls have taken over his facial expressions. One day you adore him, the next you’re ready to kick him out on his own. The roller coaster ride is a constant up and down.

Many parents I talk to experience this challenge.

I experience it too!

How Can You Connect with Your Teenager?

One day while looking for solutions, an article about text message love-bombs flashed on my news feed. That’s it! Teenagers need text message love-bombs too. 

No matter what your teenager does, it’s important he or she knows how much they are loved.

Time to break out the technology and speak in the teenage love language.

(If you can’t beat em, join em.)

Simply take a few seconds to send a quick text message of love, encouragement or laughter to reconnect you with your teenager. Your message can boost your teenager’s morale. It helps your relationship weather the stormy moments, including the rain and typhoons.

Not sure what messages to send?

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Here are 31 text message love-bombs to get you started:

  1. Thank you for being you
  2. You are important to me
  3. You matter to me
  4. Thank you for apologizing
  5. You showed courage
  6. I enjoyed our conversation
  7. Loved talking to you this morning
  8. Glad you shared your struggle
  9. Praying for you
  10. Basketball together rocked
  11. Your humor cracks me up
  12. You can do hard things
  13. Love you to the moon and back
  14. Tag you’re it
  15. Laughing with you makes my day
  16. Happy smiles
  17. Thinking of you
  18. Wishing you a happy day
  19. You can handle anything
  20. I trust you
  21. Thank you for helping me
  22. Thanks for being part of our family
  23. Let’s do something tonight
  24. Your potential is endless
  25. You can succeed
  26. Always here for you
  27. Go get em
  28. I believe in you
  29. Your smile lights up a room
  30. Believe in yourself
  31. You make a difference

Send a text message love-bomb to your teenager today. Not only will he feel reconnected,  science has proven random acts of kindness increases your happiness.

Start reconnecting today.

It starts with you!

Question: What is your favorite text message love-bomb you send your teenager? 

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We value your privacy and would never spam you


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