If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a mom or dad who wants to find solutions to your parenting challenges. You are committed to your children but sometimes frustrated with their behavior. You strive to learn, discover solutions and win at parenting. You want a lasting relationship with your children.

But something keeps getting in the way: Your children’s behaviors are driving you crazy (or at least frustrating you). You just don’t know what to do.

Maybe you feel like this reader:

“I feel overwhelmed.  I always end up yelling when my kids are supposed to be cleaning up or doing something I have asked them to do and they continue to ignore me and run around chasing each other. Then one of my kids ends up getting hurt and then I yell more. It happens the most when I am trying to cook dinner and my kids are hungry and tired. I really dislike that time of day!”

Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest:

  • Do you feel like parenting is overwhelming or exhausting?
  • Do you fear you are reacting to your children’s behavior in harmful ways?
  • Do you worry that you are failing as a parent?

If so, you’re not alone. All of us have felt this way.

I Know How You Feel

I know what it feels like to be in over your head—to blow up at the children who you love and cherish, but not know what else to do.

For years, I, too, struggled to find the answers. Too often, I felt guilty and lacking.

As a mother of three and foster parent, I have faced the reality that my children are going to act out at times. But I also realized the answer isn’t simply to discipline them. The answer is to remain as calm as possible and mentor my children.

If you’re like me, that means having self-compassion when stressed, looking at your children’s point of view, understanding your limits (rules), and knowing how to communicate so your children listen and respond.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Through my blog, my mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and commitment you need to win at parenting. From practical tools that get at the heart of behaviors, to strategies that meet your children’s needs, to an intentional way of communicating, my goal is to empower you to succeed in your home.

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Yes, you can succeed at home and win at parenting. All it takes is the intention and a mentor to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, I’ll provide the second. Let’s get started.


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