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2017 Amazon Bestseller Skyrockets Parenting Skills

Stop bribing, threatening or punishing—it’s time to win at parenting. BONAIRE, GA – Jan. 4, 2017 Parenting Brilliantly, a website that provides solutions for busy moms and dads, announced today the release of SELF-MOTIVATED KIDS, a brand-new parenting guide, just in time for the new year. The book was written by owner and parenting mentor,…

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Why Obedience Should Never be the Goal of Parenting

As you round the corner in your hallway, your irritations explodes as you see your son playing a game on the computer. He has been on that computer too long, he has other things to do, you think. “You need to go practice the piano!” His shoulders tense. He is not going to obey, shouts…

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What Can You Do Instead of Yelling?

Walking down the grocery isle, the shrill words, “Get over here,” screams through your head. “Stop touching everything you see,” yells the mother in front of you as she glares at her three-year-old daughter with laser eyes that  cut steal. The young girl’s shoulders droop, her head lowers.  She hesitantly walks towards her mother. A bright…

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A Simple Way to Reconnect with Your Teenager (Who Is Driving You Bonkers)

Your body tenses as you approach your teenage son to discuss his plummeting English grade. “So what’s going on with your English class?” You ask. “I don’t want to talk about it. It’s my grade and my life,” he retorts. Tension has been running high. Sometimes as high as the international space station. Frowns and…

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A Lesser Known Truth about Your Child’s Ability to Succeed

The enormity of your responsibility engulfs you like a crashing ten foot wave as you gaze at the perfect bitty head sticking out of the blanket that looks like a hot dog in a bun. God, you plead, how do I keep him safe from heart-ache and pain? If only I could find a way to…

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