What Causes the “Naughty” Behavior (that Drives You Crazy)?

Flinging open my bathroom door, I stare in disbelief at my one-year-old son perched on the bathroom counter with black streaks covering his body. Instantaneously, my blood pressure shoots to record-breaking levels. Squinting closer I see my mascara bottle clinched in his little fist with the applicator in the other. “What. On earth. Are you…

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No. 1 Gift to Give Your Teenager and It’s FREE

The gift I gave my son that night infused him with confidence and love. Here is the story:

I push open the door and peer inside my sons’ bedroom. He is still reading. “Do you want back tickles?” I ask.

His smile stretches from ear to ear. “Yes please,” he replies.

I sit next to him as he clicks off his light. My fingers massage up and down his back. I look at the curls on the back of his head and sigh. He has grown so much and with each heart beat I feel my love for him pulsate through my chest.

“How was your day?” I inquire.

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3 Ways to Avoid Shaming Your Kids

Walking into my son’s room ready to go to summer day camp, I stare in shock at his chosen attire. “Why are you wearing those? It is way too hot outside.” A smile spreads across his face, “But I like these socks.” (Yes, they are tall and hot. I’m sweating just looking at them.) Placing…

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Surviving Exhausting Bedtime Antics

“Wow it’s getting late,” you muse as you glance at your watch and then at your son lying on the couch wrapped in a green blanket. He looks like a little pea in a pod. “Can I stay up and sleep here?” he asks. Oh, no he’s going to try the puppy-dog eyes, your brain warns.…

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My Super-Mom Cape Was Making Us Miserable

How I wish I could have a heart-to-heart chat with my younger-self. I would tell her, “Damara dear, I know you want to be a good mom, but your red shiny cape has to go! Here’s a great idea — dig a hole in the backyard; toss it in, and cover it with dirt. You don’t need it. You are good enough without it and your children will be better off.”

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