Your Parenting Roadmap

Your Parenting Roadmap

5 Steps to Motivate Children, Create a Listening Environment and Win @ Parenting

Do you ever feel lost in the world of parenting? Being a mom or dad does not come with a handbook. Once you have one age figured out, your children jump to another one. Always leaving you feeling one step behind.

Adding insult to injury, children have their needs and you have yours. It becomes a constant juggling act that comes crashing down at your feet.

I’ve sure been there.

I tried to balance my needs and understand my children’s. I would get overwhelmed with tantrums and whining, lashing out at my young children. Then there was the guilt that never went away.

After reading and testing ideas, I began to turn things around. How?

I discovered five levels of parenting awareness that help me understand the needs of each family member, create an environment where my children can listen and want to cooperate and finally feel like I’m winning at parenting. That’s exactly what I want to share with you in my new ebook, Your Parenting Roadmap.

In this detailed, in-depth guide you will find:

  • What needs (both physical and psychological) your children have and why it’s essential to meet those needs.
  • The two processes so your children feel love and belonging.
  • The critical role that choices play in your children’s deep sense of free-will.
  • How to understand your own needs so you have the physical and emotional stamina to think clearly when interacting with your children.
  • Why punching the “gremlins” everyday helps you stop depression and improve your parenting.
  • The answer to finally deciding your limits and rules so you can clearly explain them to your children.
  • How to effectively connect with children of different ages so they want to listen to you.
  • A simple process for communicating so your children can hear what you say and follow-through the first time you ask.
  • The best way to help your children transition from one activity to another.

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Parenting is tough. The only question is how are we going to become more aware so we know where to improve? Do you want children who feel connected to you, who willingly listen and cooperate?

Your Parenting Roadmap will show you how. Download it today and start winning at parenting! Just fill out the box above and you’ll have this free eBook in no time.